[WordPress] Коммерческие шаблоны для универсальных тематик или multipurpose - только лучшее

Тема в разделе "Скины", создана пользователем Alexadrius, 28 апр 2015.

  1. DrAi

    DrAi Писатель Нарушитель

    2 мар 2018
    У меня похожая проблема, только какие бы шрифты не выставлял в настройках темы, все равно на самом сайте стоят как по умолчанию... Может кто
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  2. blet

    blet Постоялец

    8 май 2007
    подскажите пожалуйста в теме avada можно ли при просмотре категории, подгружать далее,
    через кнопку, загрузить еще (через ajax)
    типа как здесь
    внизу "показать еще 36"
  3. leontwo


    5 ноя 2015
    Avada 6.0.2 (NULLED)
    Version 6.0.2 - August 15th, 2019
    • NEW: Added a theme option to easily disable The theme specific preview styles in the WP block editor (Gutenberg)
    • NEW: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.7
    • IMPROVEMENT: Added support for content background color in the WP block editor (Gutenberg) and automatic dark mode for UI if needed
    • IMPROVEMENT: Added a filter to easily disable Fusion Builder Live
    • IMPROVEMENT: Added support for RTL sites for the element control icons in Fusion Builder Live
    • UPDATED: Added compatibility support for the new version of the PWA plugin v0.3
    • FIXED: Theme Options font family drop-downs disappearing, when custom fonts were not correctly set
    • FIXED: Rendering issue with parallax background scrolling in Container element when viewing on some Samsung devices
    • FIXED: Incorrect right padding on flyout menu items when using it in sticky header mode
    • FIXED: Several issues with the content background options both in Theme Options and Page Options
    • FIXED: Performance issue with media query files when using async media query loading option
    • FIXED: Styling issue with Gravity Forms inputs
    • FIXED: Scrolling issue on iOS devices when using sticky footer
    • FIXED: Theme Options not saving in Fusion Builder Live when working on the WP index page
    • FIXED: Header transparency not correctly working when set in Page Options while a background image is set in Theme Options
    • FIXED: Incorrect background color of the #wrapper container
    • FIXED: Framed scrolling option not correctly working
    • FIXED: Added missing translation strings for "Fusion Page Options"
    • FIXED: Corrected JS error happening in Fusion Builder Live when using untrimmed input in Google Maps element address input
    • FIXED: Changed the input type of the search form input from text to search
    • FIXED: Automatic text color calculation being incorrect in highlight element
    • FIXED: Smooth height option not working in Recent Posts element
    • FIXED: Post offset option not working in Portfolio element
    • FIXED: PHP warning in FAQ element when categories are excluded
    • FIXED: Ampersands showing HTML code in multi select drop-down options
    • FIXED: JS error in the Blog element when using equal heights but the element is disabled for current screen size
    • FIXED: Compatibility issue with other plugins that load their own instance of waypoints JS library
    • FIXED: Equal heights being incorrectly calculated in some cases on page load
    • FIXED: Hover rendering issue on images in Person element that use border radius in Safari
    • FIXED: Menu color being incorrect in Vertical Menu widget in the sidebar
    • FIXED: Equal heights in post content not working when rendering full content in Blog or Recent Posts element
    • FIXED: Compatibility issue with Yoast SEO image sitemap and the Gallery element
    • FIXED: Live preview for buttons with lightbox target not working in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Shortcut to open links in Fusion Builder Live not working on all browsers and OS
    • FIXED: Fusion Slider element not auto resizing correctly when column size gets changed in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Element control icons being misaligned in Font Awesome element when text flow is chosen as alignment in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Elements after inline elemntes like Button and Image disappear on controls hover in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Column spacing being incorrect in Fusion Builder Live for RTL sites
    • FIXED: Some elements refreshing on opening the settings dialog in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Table element adding some default columns in certain cases in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Some issues when editing Pricing Table element in Fusion Builder Live
    We also added compatibility fixes, so that Fusion Builder Live will load and work fine with the below plugins:
    • IMPROVEMENT: Fusion Builder Live compatibility with Autoptimize plugin
    • IMPROVEMENT: Fusion Builder Live compatibility with NexGen gallery plugin
    • IMPROVEMENT: Fusion Builder Live compatibility with Essential Grid plugin
    • IMPROVEMENT: Fusion Builder Live compatibility with LiteSpeed cache plugin
    • IMPROVEMENT: Fusion Builder Live compatibility with Smush Pro plugin
    • IMPROVEMENT: Fusion Builder Live compatibility with Easy Social Share plugin
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  4. vanderbolt

    vanderbolt Постоялец

    21 июн 2017
    Я обновился до 6.0.2 с поста выше - проблема со шрифтами решилась, всё в порядке, всё сохраняется. Обновляйтесь и радуйтесь :)
  5. leontwo


    5 ноя 2015
    Avada 6.0.3 (NULLED)
    Version 6.0.3 - August 28th, 2019
    • NEW: Post status options in Blog and Recent Posts element, which allow to show future posts, private or pending ones
    • NEW: Added an option to the Lightbox element, to show image title
    • NEW: Class and ID options have been added to Toggle child elements and post ids to FAQ element children
    • NEW: Added the changelog to the Avada welcome screen
    • NEW: Added a filter to easily disable antispambot function
    • IMPROVEMENT: Added checks to make sure that excerpted content will always have correct closing HTML tags added
    • IMPROVEMENT: The video GDPR consent options now also apply when using the WP video widget
    • IMPROVEMENT: When adding custom fonts, woff2 fonts will be loaded first now
    • IMPROVEMENT: Made all functions in avada-functions.php pluggable
    • IMPROVEMENT: Added better compatibility with arbitrary WooCommerce product taxonomies for third parties (e.g. YITH)
    • IMPROVEMENT: Added checks for the term lists in Portfolio single posts to ensure they don't break after user customization
    • IMPROVEMENT: Setup for custom icons in flip boxes is now easier to use
    • IMPROVEMENT: YouTube and Vimeo elements will load videos in 16:9 format by default now
    • IMPROVEMENT: Wireframe and back-end preview of Section Separator element now shows main details
    • IMPROVEMENT: Updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability
    • IMPROVEMENT: Consecutive downloads of demo files are prevented in case the demo zip download was incorrect
    • UPDATED: Removed some version checks that no longer apply because of Avada and WordPress version updates
    • UPDATED: WordPress PHP recommendation updated to 7.3
    • UPDATED: Removed a few old IE specific styling rules which are deprecated
    • FIXED: Menu arrow highlight style not always correctly positioned in both top headers and side headers
    • FIXED: Events Calendar display issue when the Events template is set to 100% width template
    • FIXED: Events Calendar search bar styling issues on mobiles
    • FIXED: Content of the Events Calendar widget not being centered when set in Fusion Widget Options
    • FIXED: WooCommerce empty cart text being misaligned
    • FIXED: WooCommerce buttons not always inheriting Theme Options styles correctly
    • FIXED: Non-transparent mobile header not being correctly applied on exact mobile header responsive breakpoint
    • FIXED: Portfolio categories and tags being retrieved even if the filters are turned off
    • FIXED: Top header padding being wrong when using 100% site width
    • FIXED: Header shadow not working when using flyout menus headers
    • FIXED: Default sidebar selections being incorrect in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Background color on top of background image not correctly working in Firefox for the page background option
    • FIXED: Search form input styling being incorrect in Safari
    • FIXED: Compatibility issue of color pickers with some 3rd party ones
    • FIXED: Page title bar assigned blog page options not correctly applying to the blog page when being the index page
    • FIXED: Footer parallax height being incorrect when resizing browser from mobile to desktop site, when responsive images are used in footer
    • FIXED: Issue with the content decoding functions in some edge cases, to make sure content is correctly displayed in all cases
    • FIXED: Description option in lightbox element not working correctly
    • FIXED: Percentage based width not working correctly in Google Maps element when using Embed API
    • FIXED: Margin settings in Font Awesome element not working correctly in some cases
    • FIXED: Gallery element lightbox not working correctly when added to a widget
    • FIXED: A JS error on new post screens
    • FIXED: Small line in Content Box element icon background, when using background color and outer border color
    • FIXED: Equal heights columns not adjusting when a Toggle element is used and gets expanded
    • FIXED: PHP warning when saving a page template on back-end
    • FIXED: Sticky header height being incorrect when logo top/bottom margins are incorrectly left empty
    • FIXED: Social icons not live updating in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Some image rollover options not correctly working in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Item scroll not correct in Image Carousel element in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Exit Fusion Builder Live links not working when opened in a new tab
    • FIXED: Gallery element lightbox links being incorrect in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Gallery lightbox links freezing Fusion Builder Live when clicked with the CTRL key
    • FIXED: Column sizer in Fusion Builder Live sometimes not clickable in the first container on a page when using transparent headers
    • FIXED: Convert Plus content flashing on Fusion Builder Live load in some cases
    • FIXED: Convert Plus element not having a default placeholder preview
    • FIXED: Tooltips of controls in Fusion Builder Live being behind the header when using parallax footer
    • FIXED: refreshJs function in Fusion Builder Live not being called on every element render (needed for some third parties)
    • FIXED: Element settings of inline elements not automatically opening when inserting to child elements in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Default color preview in color pickers of Chart element in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: "Before" image being displayed on the right in Fusion Builder Live, when no "after" image is uploaded yet
    • FIXED: Toggle element alignment incorrect when using floated contents in a toggle in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Modal element being behind he header on pages that use parallax footer in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: FAQ element not rendering contents correctly in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Gallery isotope layout not correctly updated when deleting child images in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Toggle element content rendering as shortcodes in some edge cases
    • FIXED: A JS error in the Gallery element happening in some cases in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Text Display option not working correctly (showing full content) in Portfolio element on re-render in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Issue with column edit appearance in Fusion Builder Live when using Events Calendar plugin
    • FIXED: Page preview not always scrollable after re-ordering child elements in the parent settings in Fusion Builder Live
    • FIXED: Column controls inside of global containers overlaying the Nested Columns
    • FIXED: Element contents going behind containers with faded backgrounds when hovering control icons in Fusion Builder Live
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  6. Aleksey_87

    Aleksey_87 Писатель

    4 сен 2019
    Есть две темы на cs cart Buyshop-CS-Cart-Theme-eTheme-v2.4 и viva_v2.17_powerEs

    Кому нужно могу поменяться.
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